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God has been generous to me in ways I never could have imagined 50 years ago when He brought me into His family through His grace demonstrated to me through the amazing sacrifice of His Son. He has freed me from the bondage of self-absorption, self-hatred, self-generated anger and depression; ie. self is being crucified on the cross so I might live for Him. He has provided the power (via the Holy Spirit and the Word) and truth to enable me to accept myself the way He designed me. He has blessed me with a passion to know His Word and to teach it so other women can understand how it applies to their lives and live in freedom. As an added benefit, I have been able to partake of the life-changing ministry of and seen the results of its truths proclaimed in the lives of women. I attended the mentor retreat in July, 2021, and gained a tremendous amount of insight into how GGYW and Breaking the Shakles of Shame can help free women from shame and self. I am very excited to use the information gained at the retreat in conjunction with my teaching, as well as to be part of similar retreats here in Prescott, AZ.

God has also richly blessed me with a wonderful 50 year marriage to a godly man along with 2 sons, 1 daughter, 7 grandchildren. Some things I love include hiking, birding, reading, camping, exploring new places, spending time with close freinds, and having a dog who becomes a best friend of the 4-legged varity. I love living in Prescott where all of these activities are a joy and pleasure residing just outside our backdoor.

To all of you who were at the July, 2021 retreat, you have a place of sweet memories in my ❤️

Chris McKie

Chris McKie

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