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I have now been to four retreats at Robin's Nest, twice as a participant, once as a kitchen helper, and once as a Heart Leader in Training. Each experience has been an amazing journey into greater healing for myself and the other attendees, and I am so grateful for this ministry.

I have been working with hurting in many capacities all of my adult life, and my goal is to walk in intimate relationship with Jesus and other sisters as we move into greater maturity in Christ. I believe that we are called to allow the power of God and the Holy Spirit to take us through the pain and trauma we have suffered so that we can have vibrant relationships with our Lord. Now is the time for Christ's women to rise up and walk in His fullness as we minister to a desperately hurting world.

I know that the hard things I have endured in my marriage, my home of origin, my work, and other areas are perfect places where God can show His grace and life as I allow Him to transform me. I long to see other women walk in the truth of who the Lord created them to be, which includes the redemption of the pain suffered.

Holly Craw

Holly Craw

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