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I woukd like to give you all a brief testimony of the wonderful experience I had on my journey to Arizona.:

The first part was "Giving God your Worst " How can I learn to help anyone when there is so much WORST in me?! GOD is faithful!

Working on "The Shackles Of Shame " brought me to truth before

my God! Humbling yet so much love! The sisters who helped me through this deep cleaning were truly angels!

Now I'm helping others to come to the end of themselves and then the closeness of a relationship with our God. All of your relationships will

change for the better!

Thank you Psalm fifty one ministry!

Dinah, Rocsana, lynn, Kelly I'm truly grateful to you all!! And cheers to my sisters who shared the journey with me...GOD BLESS!!

OK so it wasn't brief 😕! 🙃

Donna Doyle

Donna Doyle

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