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Kristen Zderad
Sep 17, 2021
In General Discussions
Hi all! I have been leading Breaking the Shackles of Shame with 5 women from my church and I needed to share some wonderful news. We did the Letting the Little Girl Speak lesson last week and one of the women shared with me last night that through that process she truly gave God her worst and asked Him to be her dad. Her face was radiant as she was sharing with me and I saw a peace there that was not before. I am overwhelmed having experienced God's grace through this whole thing, and now watching Him pour out His grace and forgiveness on these women I am working with. I have found it scary and intimidating to walk this road with these women, but God has proven faithful over and over and now we have a new sister in Christ. Thank-you, Dinah, for helping us beggars lead other beggars to bread.
Kristen Zderad

Kristen Zderad

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