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Giving God Your Worst? Even the title goes against all we think we know. Dinah Monahan’s message is about honesty and freedom through surrender. It is about forgiveness — even for the “unforgivable.” Many Christian women have read the book version and found the freedom in Christ they so desperately sought. Learn to recognize our deep need for knowing the love and acceptance of Christ that will give you the powerful perspective on the lives of those you are helping.


To complete the Giving God Your Worst curriculum, download and print the workbook or order the workbook using the buttons below. Mentors completing the training on BrightTraining should still look through the workbook though the BrightTraining tests are similar.

Lesson 1: Offering Our Worst to God
Lesson 2: The Painful Truth and Forgiveness
Lesson 3: From Sinner to Saint
Lesson 4: The Truth Shall Set You Free
Lesson 5: Surrendering Our Weakness
Lesson 6: Gaining Victory
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