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Image by Priscilla Du Preez
We exist...

To encourage women who struggle with feelings of inadequacy, guilt, unworthiness; often as a result of abuse, neglect, decisions made in their past, or from shame distorted by the lens of childhood. 

To help women find healing hope and wholeness through their identity in Christ by exposing and identifying shame, thereby allowing the light of the Gospel to break the shackles of shame and bring freedom from its dark grip.
To equip Christian women/leaders who work with other women in Bible studies, counseling/healing ministries, pregnancy centers, maternity homes, churches to offer life changing, soul healing help through the materials and concepts in this ministry. 

To reach as many women as possible who have suffered pain as a result in living in a fallen world. 
To offer Christian women the tools and the knowledge to come along their sister in Christ and facilitate healing and bring hope.

To recognize parenting styles that passes shame-based thinking to the next generations.
To lead Christian Women through the teaching so that they will experience the “shackles of shame” break away as the freedom of Christ takes hold in their hearts.
To create a pure heart by learning to walk in the truth instead of the lies that were created in our past.
To restore the joy found in walking in the Truth resulting in a transparent, authentic relationship with our Lord and others.

Image by Ben White
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