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Robin’s Nest is nestled on an outcropping in the trees with sweeping views of pasture and pines. In this tranquil setting, it is the perfect place where women can relax and hear the voice of God. The retreat messages range from healing, teaching, encouraging and inspiring.

Robin’s Nest is Dinah Monahan’s ministry. Dinah founded and directed Living Hope Women’s Centers and Hope House Maternity Home, both in Arizona and Ethiopia. Her life has been spent mentoring and helping women experience Christ’s love and their identity in Him. She is an international speaker, teacher, author and lay counselor. After the death of her husband of 46 years, Dinah sought God about the next chapter of her life. Robin’s Nest is the result. Dinah’s heart is in leading retreats for women. Her hope is to offer a spiritual and physical experience that will give rest, healing, insight, motivation and understanding for women. She designed the home for smaller intimate retreats. There are four bedrooms with four beds in each. She wanted women to experience God’s love for them in everything they encountered; from the food to the charming décor of the rooms themselves.

Robin’s Nest was named in honor of Dinah’s dear friend of many years, Robin Fuller. Robin had the same heart for women and worked with Dinah in Living Hope Women’s Centers. She always called her home Robin’s Nest. In December of 2017, Robin passed away from pancreatic cancer. Her home was sold and Dinah decided to create a new Robin’s Nest as a tribute to her dear friend.

The home itself is set on two acres of pine and juniper. Like a nest in a tree, it is set atop an outcropping, as if nestled in the branches of the trees surrounding it. The massive wrap around porch commands a view of the valley below. Sitting, rocking on the porch, you can feel the stress of life seep out of you as you listen to the breeze rustle the branches of the tall pines. In the afternoon the pond sparkles as the sun dances off of the water. Occasionally majestic Bald Eagles perch in the trees or soar overhead. In the evening you can sit around a crackling campfire. 

In 2020 Dinah purchased a small lake. With much TLC and hard work, it has been transformed into a gem for swimming, kayaking, fishing and just enjoying. Only fifteen minutes away from Robin’s Nest, it is a world of its’ own. This little lake is now part of the Robin’s Nest experience.

The home is located in Linden AZ, right outside the Show Low city limits. Show Low is a small town in the White Mountains that was named after the turn of a card. Over a hundred years ago, the two men who had founded Show Low got into a dispute. Each wanted the other to leave so they settled it with cards. Who ever “showed low” in the draw of a card won all. Corydon Cooley cut the deck and drew a deuce of clubs. Hence the main street through town is named Deuce of Clubs.

This ministry is blessed by women who have the same vision and passion to minister to other women. They volunteer to make and serve the meals. Great care goes into each meal and you can imagine the food is delicious. Not only is each meal provided but also snacks, baked goods and drinks. All of this is served up with love and the joy of the Lord which makes every meal very special!

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