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Image by Levi Guzman

Psalm 51 Ministries seeks to equip Christian women who, having experienced healing from life’s traumas and found wholeness in Christ through this ministry, will come alongside other hurting women to walk them through the same process. They in turn will take the journey toward healing and wholeness and then be equipped to extend this to other Christian sisters. Doing this will provide churches and ministries nationwide with trained mentors to offer hope and healing to women within the Christian community.


Our culture is broken. One in three women have been molested as children. One in five have had abortions. The domestic violence numbers cannot be quantified because so many endure in silence. Many women and children have suffered great emotional damage even without the physical abuse because of on-going emotional and verbal abuse.


Many women look to God for answers to their pain.  They find a church and sit in the pews week after week still broken, wounded and hurting having nowhere to go with their pain. Christian communities are often not well equipped to help these women.


So, they put on their mask and suffer in silence. No more! With Psalm 51 Ministries, women will find healing. They will break the shackles of the shame that binds them. They will then be offered a path where they can train with other women to become mentors and walk beside their sisters offering the same hope and healing, they have received. It is our vision that every church and Christian organization has Psalm 51 mentors in their congregation, open and available to walk other women through the process.  

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