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Support Groups
Working together for Grace!

Once you have completed your training you are invited to join 

Heart Helpers Connect. Heart Helpers Connect is a place to receive continued training, receive the manual with forms and vital information, listen to current or archived vlogs, and ask questions of other Heart Helpers. In addition, you will be able to attend live discussion groups and request help from Psalm 51 trainers.

Your dues to obtain access for Heart Helpers Connect are automatically included with the fee for the retreat. If you have completed your training you should have been given an account to login above. If you don't remember your password, click "Login" then "Forgot Password"

As a member of Heart Helpers Connect, you will receive access to:

  • Educational vlogs by Dinah and other experts

  • Interaction with other Heart Helpers on the private Facebook group 

  • Interviews and writings with other experts

  • Heart Helper's Manual (coming soon)

  • Future opportunities for learning together

  • Meaningful connections with other women who share your heart

To join us, see the steps to complete here.

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