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Dinah Receives Heartbeat Legacy Award - May, 2021

By Kelli Freeman Hello everyone. We just returned from an amazing event. This year is Heartbeat International’s 50th Anniversary, celebrated in Columbus, Ohio. The conference had 700 in attendance and also a parallel web conference seen all over the world. Dinah presented both on the web conference and at the live conference. She did a two hour workshop on Shame. As usual, women were profoundly moved by Dinah’s words. She invited any who were interested to come to our suite and learn more about the retreat. Over twenty women came and some made their reservations then and there. At the banquet on the last night Dinah received a very prestigious honor – the Legacy Award. It was for a lifetime of Pro-Life accomplishments and commitment, starting with her parents and ending with her children. Dinah only learned when she arrived at the conference that she was receiving the award. She called her children to let them know and then went back to business. Minutes before she was going down to the banquet there was a knock at the door. When she opened it, there stood her two daughters, Harmony and Whitney. Dinah was stunned and when she recovered, elated. They were able to witness their mom receive Heartbeat’s highest award and the standing ovation afterwards.

The award will be put in a place of honor in her home. Then she will get back to work ministering and teaching women and helping them become unshackled from their shame. That is her passion and her purpose. Dinah receiving The Legacy Award at Heartbeat International 50th Anniversary Celebration in Columbus, Ohio. (This is also the link to follow the Psalm 51 Facebook page)

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