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October 16, 2021 Newsletter

By Dinah Monahan

IT’S OVER! Yup. We just finished our “season” of retreats and are taking a four month break. This retreat, like all of the rest, was the BEST! We had ladies from North Carolina, Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona and Illinois. Like the other retreats, they all started out with the ladies being polite and friendly with each other and ended with them closer than best friends! These ladies, like so many others are anxious to take the message to women in their own circles. They have joined the “band of beggars.”


Kelli will be coming to Psalm 51 full time. Yup. She couldn’t keep up with this and her full time job at the college so she chose us! With so many women teaching this material and some wanting to become Heart Leaders and lead their own retreats and certify others, there is a great deal of organizational needs as well as simply staying connected. We will figure this out as we go but we will be much the better for it! She will be organizing our only fundraiser for the year, a prayer walk. More to come on that!

This coming four months, while not hosting retreats, we will be busy. First, we need to sit back, breath and ask ourselves, “how did this happen?” How did we go, in one year from nothing to eight full retreats and a national movement underway as a result of it. Indeed, many of the attendees are holding one day seminars of Giving God Your Worst to fifteen week studies of Breaking The Shackles of Shame. They are seeing shackles dropping as women find true freedom in Christ. Second we will ask ourselves what was done well and what needs tweaking. Third we will seek God for our future plans. In the next four newsletters we will be sharing the answers to these questions and much more. But for now, here are some quotes from ladies who attended this last retreat: On the Accomodations:

“Absolutely beautiful and peaceful.” ‘The accommodations were amazingly beautiful and truly remarkable to each of us who walked through these doors. I loved how you paid attention to every detail from start to finish.” “The most cozy and comfy place ever. Loved Kelly and Lynn. Loved every corner of the Robin’s Nest.” On the Teaching:

“Absolutely effective, direct, understanding everything, easy to understand and also explain to others. Nothing superficial – everyone was transparent. God was with us every step of the way.” “The teaching will be with me as my intent is to pay it forward. I never knew that I was so bound up and operating from a place of shame.” “The teachings were profound and very thorough. I enjoyed it immensely.” “Based in truth, enlightening and life-changing!” On the Experience:

“Life changing along with earthshaking!” “It was a beautiful experience that I will never forget. The bonding, the processing of pain, the surrendering of shame. I will never be the same.” What would you tell other women who are thinking of coming? “The retreat brought me to a new level of equipping for counseling and mentoring. The exercises directed by Dinah – though terrifying – were the best experience to find freedom from childhood strongholds. The peace Jesus brought at the end is indescribable.” “Don’t hesitate!! Please go and experience all that God has to do in you and for you. Taking the mask off along with all the shame!” “It is hard to do but it’s so needed. I was reluctant to dig deep and open wounds I knew were there but I’m glad I did. I can sense healing taking place within me. Glory to God! Thankful to Dinah!” “It will be an experience you will never forget.”

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