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Christmas 2021 Newsletter

By Dinah Monahan

Merry Christmas! Unbelievably, it is the end of 2021. We are looking back and then forward and we want to share it with you! Looking back: • Official starting date of the ministry was January 2021. • We have hosted eight retreats on Breaking The Shackles of Shame with women from all over the country attending. These ladies are officially Heart Helpers when they leave. • 96 Heart Helpers found healing and motivation to take this life message to other women in their Pregnancy Care Centers, churches and life circles. • Hundreds of women have been touched by these original 96 Heart Helpers as they returned home and brought this life changing message on freedom to other women in their communities. • Five “extra blessing” events for our Apache ladies, moms who placed for adoption, former foster girls and Hispanic ladies. • While we have one full time and one part time employee, the rest of what we do is volunteer blessings! Last year we had 120 volunteers totaling nearly 4,000 hours which is valued at close to $100,000.00. What God has unfolded for next year: • We will hold our regular retreats from March (which is sold out) through October like last year. • We have partnered with the Dream Center in Phoenix; a facility that houses trafficked young women. We will host groups of fourteen from June through October. I will be teaching on Shame and their identity in Christ. And of course they will be surrounded by loving and caring volunteers. • Many men have gone through the videos and been profoundly impacted. We plan to create a men’s video version of the message. God has brought all the pieces together to make this happen! • To grow the way we envisioned, other women need to be able to offer retreats like ours in their states and to “certify” other Heart Helpers as we do. We call these women Heart Leaders. To launch this I will be making training videos, a master outline and detailed expectations. So far we have 4 women from Wisconsin, Florida, Minnesota and Idaho ready and waiting to launch. Our retreats are offered at no charge. So many of the women have expressed that this is what allowed them to attend. Our goal is to reach as many men and women possible with the bondage breaking, life freeing message of Breaking The Shackles of Shame. Doors that I could not have kicked down have been opened wide by God, allowing us to move forward to make this happen! Our motto is, “I am just one beggar leading another to bread.” There are no superstars, no entitled thinking or grandstanding. We truly are a group of women who are impassioned by the Christ’s Truth and humbled by the knowledge that God has brought us out of the lies of shame and we want to help others experience the same. I have been in ministry all my life and have done a lifetime of fundraising. I receive the high pressure, manipulative requests for donations (over and over from many ministries) and hate their approach! I won’t do any of that. And so, trusting in God, this will be the only fundraising letter you will receive this year. I am simply asking you, if you have been touched our ministry or wish to sow into others lives that will be, would you please consider a donation? 100% of your donation goes to the expenses of the retreats themselves! We are a 501c3 charity. To donate, you may write a check to Robin’s Nest Ministry, 1360 So. Sierra Park Tr. Show Low, AZ 85901 or click on this link to donate on-line. Thank you for your confidence and support in what God is doing!

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