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June 22, 2021 Newsletter

By Dinah Monahan

Hello everyone and happy June! We just finished our fourth retreat. What an unbelievable blessing! It was warm enough to barbecue at the lake on Saturday evening. Some of the ladies kayaked while others rested in the hammocks. For those who have been to a retreat, you know what it is like Saturday, when you have finished and you are exhausted and also exhilarated. This month we were blessed with two ladies from Phoenix and one from Kansas who cooked and served. What a team! All of our upcoming retreats are full. We will go through October and then take a four month break, starting back up in March. Sign up for next spring is up on the website. I always like to include quotes of those who attended because they say it more eloquently than we can:


  • “Wonderful, beautiful, AMAZING!”

  • “Beautiful, homey, comfortable. Beyond what I expected.”

  • “The accommodations were great! Beds were comfortable. You thought of everything!”

  • “The accommodations were so nice it felt like a five star hotel. The bed was so comfortable and the food so good!”


  • “I am wrecked and restored. I feel free and overloaded at the same time!”

  • “AMAZING! Words cannot express how much this retreat has lifted me and helped me heal and helped my little girl find her voice and be courageous enough to speak up for herself.”

  • “I felt loved and cared for, nurtured. It was sometimes uncomfortable but you were brought back from each revealing experience to a better place.”


  • “Over the top – so much I feel like I’ve been here two weeks in four days. Very impactful.”

  • “So real and authentic. Dinah has taken this incredible gift and used it to glorify God in the healing and freedom it brings.”

  • “Amazing, challenging yet encouraging.”

  • “Dinah is a wonderful teacher. She is able to break things down in such a way that the truth resonates within you. You can see her love of the Lord and how that guides all of her teaching.”

  • “Wonderful, so helpful for me to understand what shame does and how to help women overcome it.”

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