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June 7, 2021 Newsletter

By Dinah Monahan

Our third retreat is over and I am again in awe at the moving of God in the lives of these ladies. With each group I think, “This is the best group.” Until the next one comes. So far, they are the best three groups (out of three!) One thing I realized is the importance of each lady watching the videos beforehand. In a way it vets them because they chose to push forward for more instead of running! It is truly amazing to watch ladies from all over the country come in not knowing each other and by Saturday night being truly bonded. A comment I heard over and over was how close and transparent they felt with women they didn’t know three days prior!

Coming to a retreat isn’t the end. It is the beginning of challenging the lies of the enemy laid down in childhood and replacing them with truth. When you leave you are equipped with the tools to continue this work. More importantly, you are equipped to walk beside other women to find the same thing. We are simply beggars leading other beggars to bread – the Bread of Life!

IF YOU HAVE GONE THROUGH A RETREAT BE SURE YOU HAVE REGISTERED AS A MEMBER OF THE HEART HELPER PAGE. You don’t want to miss out on the weekly vlogs and other messages. And, our bulletin board is up and running. Check it out and post what God is doing in your life.

We are excited to announce another vision for Robin’s Nest unfolding – post abortion healing. I have done both the twelve week and a weekend model. Kelli felt God moving her toward a healing program for her own abortion. As God does, our search for a program for her to attend ended up with Lorraine from Choices Pregnancy Care Center offering to come and bring other ladies and conduct a weekend healing retreat. From that came, “We could do quarterly healing retreats!” This is just more confirmation of God’s hand on Psalm 51 Ministries!”

Important: If you are walking other women through either video, or they show an interest in the ministry, have them go to the website and subscribe. (Send them the link) They will then receive bi-monthly newsletters and other information.

Below are some comments from this past retreat:

Accommodations: “Beautiful. I had no idea what to expect. Driving up and seeing Robin’s Nest felt like coming home. So welcoming and safe. It feels like Holy Ground!”

“Best retreat accommodations ever. The hands and hearts, the home-style feel, the comfort in all of its’ peace that comes through is above and beyond anything I expected!”

Teaching: “Dinah, you are so gifted by God. I tried to do the study before I came but did not understand how powerful it is until the teaching is applied. On day one I was already forming a list in my mind of people who need to go through this. It is life changing!”

“Dinah’s teaching was simply awesome. She has a way of explaining what the HEART doesn’t know to say. She gave us the practical tools to use in everyday life while surrendering all at the cross.”

To the women thinking of coming: STOP thinking because you could quite possibly think your way out. If you feel a tug on your heart, take it as an indication that God IS calling you to arrive at Robin’s Nest. God is calling you to another level of love and healing over your past wounds. Just get here and God will handle the rest!”

Will what you learned help you as a client advocate? “YES! I am not sure how the Lord will help me use this with other women but I want the inspiration to come from Him. I can’t imagine not using this teaching with everyone in my life, at the center, my church and the center!”

“It will help me as a director, personally, with my staff, volunteers and clients!”

Overall Experience: “I don’t want to go home and leave all this goodness behind – yet I am excited to get home and start this movement there! I’m forever changed and honored to be part of this Psalm 51 ministry!”

“Life changing! I have by the Grace of God experienced much healing over the years and even in recent years, but Giving God Your Worst and Breaking the Shackles of Shame have gone to a deeper level. And being loved on and cared for by Jen, Kelli and Roxana only added to the nurturing”

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