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March 24, 2021 Newsletter

By Dinah Monahan Well, our first official retreat is over. We had lovely ladies from four states. I think everyone can say it was an incredible weekend. For me, it is the realization of a vision God gave me so many years ago. I always told my kids I wasn’t going to die before I did this. And now it is done. My daughter said, “Mom, could you please get another vision now?” I know God has so much more planned for Psalm51 Ministries! The first group of ladies was my test group. We actively sought their opinions on sessions, schedule and activities. They had some good suggestions that will make the upcoming retreats even better. As you listen to and read the testimonies, I hope it will move you to join us to experience these blessings!

Testimonies: "The accommodations were absolutely amazing. I was so excited to see the new, beautiful and modern retreat home. Good sleep! Great food! Awesome teacher! Fantastic staff! I loved the porch with the fire pit. The artwork was lovely and reflective of the Lord.” “If you are thinking of going – go for it, even if you have to sell the fattened calf to get there. You will be so glad you went. Your husband will thank you. Your children will thank you. Your grandchildren will bless you. Just go, just do it!” “The teaching was full of Truth and uses God’s truths to bring healing and maturity. …It will help me as I minister to my clients heart’s and interact with them.” “I am so glad I came. I have met many incredible women, both the staff and attendees. The information shared will be used in my personal life as well as with my clients and hopefully church family!” “This place is a special gift that I plan on sharing with others. I am now living in Freedom! “This teaching is so powerful and eye opening, Dinah. The way you teach is so rich and true. This material can be heart wrenching and hard at times but you handle it so wonderfully! “Beautiful and life changing. I feel so blessed and honored to come here to Robin’s Nest. I was treated with love and respect by Dinah and the volunteers and the other women participants. It is a safe place.” “I did not expect such a beautiful place that felt so comfortable. So many details in decorating and making every room in the house a place I wanted to sit and spend time laughing or sharing our hearts. The meals were wonderful!”

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