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September 30, 2021 Newsletter

By Dinah Monahan

We just finished the seventh retreat. One more to go and then we will take a break until March. Like the past six retreats, this one was amazing. It was smaller and had different dynamics. We also had three alumni come back and join us for further training to become Heart Leaders. These ladies will be able to certify others in a retreat format in their own area. This is so necessary because I am truly the bottleneck in this ministry being limited to eight months with twelve participants at a time. We also had an alumni come from Florida to help serve, just because she loves what happens at retreats. And predictably, each retreat blesses me as much as the participants. While we look forward to our regular Shackles of Shame retreats, one of the delights of having Robin’s Nest is being able to offer retreats to different groups of women. These are our “extra blessing retreats.” This month we had a retreat for women who placed their babies for adoption. These young women meet monthly as a support group through Mother Goose Adoption Agency. This is the third year they have joined us. It is such an honor to serve these courageous, loving mothers. And as with all other groups, from the moment they step into Robin’s Nest they feel the love and the peace within. Indeed, many of them said, “I feel like I’m coming home.” And it gives us a wonderful opportunity to share Jesus by serving them as well as sharing the Gospel during devotions. Our next “extra blessing retreat” will be in December for our precious Whiteriver Apache sisters in Jesus. As with each retreat we come away with some special nuggets. This retreat Mary Cavallo, shared a song that is simply amazing. It is as if the author wrote this song for us. If you want to be blessed with Truth listen to Belovednessby Sarah Kroger.

Comments from the seventh retreat: Accommodations: “Very nice – bright, clean, relaxing and welcoming.” “Wonderful and perfect.” Overall Experience: “My life is forever changed. This is why we came because it is everything we need to help those that come to us for help.” “Inspiring, insightful, healing, heart connecting thorough, purposeful…hard, very hard but so freeing. One of the best experiences of my life.” What would you tell other women who are thinking of coming? “The ideas and concepts are more than ideas and concepts. It is Truth that sets us free and allows us to be who God created us to be. There isn’t anything we can’t overcome when we learn the truth of how much God loves us and transforms our lives.” “It will be the best decision of your life. Be prepared to work hard but you can truly be free of the shackles of shame. Also, do your homework before you go!”

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