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April 13, 2021 Newsletter

By Dinah Monahan Well, we wrapped up our second retreat. Watching God move in hearts and almost audibly hearing the chains of shame breaking was an amazing experience. The eleven ladies in this retreat were from four states. Each woman came with her own burdens and unique history. Yet never have I seen such bonding between an entire group of ladies so quickly and firmly. If there is one word that was used over and over about this retreat it was, “safe.” As women who love Jesus, we yearn for one thing. To be honest and transparent with each other. Yet fear of rejection keeps us from doing this. At our retreats, this is this happens naturally as everyone feels so safe! This group of ladies were open, honest and a little crazy! Kelli has hundreds of prom dresses stored in a storage unit near Robin’s Nest. On Saturday night I was exhausted and wilting quickly. They were energized and ready to let loose. “I know” said Kelli. “Let’s all dress up in prom dresses!” Off they went and they came back for the “prom” in their finery. They strutted, danced, laughed and made a “joyful noise.” That’s what happens at Robin’s Nest! Some of these ladies are ready to take this message of shame and freedom through surrender to their whole state and beyond. They feel empowered and equipped to walk other women through this and see the deep need in their churches and circle of women. From one on one to groups to a retreat they are excited to bring this to their world. Watching God unfold this vision I have had for so long makes my heart sing with joy and thanksgiving!

Testimonies: Robin’s Nest – Charming and serene. Comfortable bed and great sleep. I felt the warmth and peace of a loving home throughout my stay.” Kit, Crossroads Pregnancy Center, So. Carolina Will this help you in your personal life? – “Yes, yes, yes! I know that the dynamics of my family will change forever because of what I learned. I can see generational chains being broken and it only takes one person. That person is me!” Jen, First Choice PRC, Wisconsin Will what you learned help you as a client advocate? – “Yes. This really helped me to understand how to listen and ask questions to draw my clients out and make then thing without intimidation.” Lauri, Abundant Life Resource Center, Arkansas Overall Experience – “AMAZING! Honestly, Breaking the Shackles is exactly the experience I felt. I feel God has orchestrated this time and event to bless me and the others here. Beauty for ashes is in my heart! I’m so grateful for this opportunity!” Debbi, Stowe PRC, Ohio What would you tell others who are thinking of coming? – DEFINITELY to come!! I would also say it’s a life changer and I think everyone should experience this.” Debbi…Don’t just think about it. Pack your bags and get on the plane to freedom!” Jen

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