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What does healing look like?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Are you the kind of woman who other women naturally open up to? I am. On airplanes, busses, waiting rooms, it doesn’t seem to matter where. Women share their stories, their challenges and heartaches readily. I remember one time I was next to a young woman who was open and interested. The conversation unfolded about her life and my work with women and shame. Asked to describe shame I launched into it. As I looked over at our seat mate, a middle age business woman who was well dressed and put together, I saw tears coursing down her cheeks. I just reached over and squeezed her hand as she opened up to both of us. Shame is something that crosses all cultural and economic barriers. It is something women carry but don’t even know it until someone describes it to them. Usually there is relief as well as tears.

I remember a time when I didn’t understand any of this. As I worked through my shame and worked with my mentor, Dr. Sandra Wilson (author of many books on shame) I recognized how this was at the heart of so many women’s stories. When women would tell me their problems, I could give them scripture, I could encourage them and offer advice, but I did not know what healing looked like. After years of working on myself and developing Breaking The Shackles of Shame concepts, I saw women heal and change as they replaced their lies with Truth. Indeed, I just ran into a woman who I took through this eighteen years ago. I asked her if her life changed after our time together and is it still evidenced. She answered emphatically “yes!”

How many other women are like me? They are intuitive and want to help but they don’t know what healing looks like. I believe Psalm 51 Ministries will change all of that!

- Dinah Monahan

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1 commentaire

Vilmarie  Fraser
Vilmarie Fraser
28 sept. 2021

Thank you for the countless stories you’ve shared with us. It’s helped me…I’m not alone in this hard but beautiful journey 💕

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