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July 21, 2021 Newsletter

By Dinah Monahan

Retreat number five is over. This one was unusual because we only had nine ladies. Four were from one center in Prescott, two from Phoenix and three from Redding, CA. Usually we have twelve representing many centers. One thing we are learning is the flow of the retreat. It is so awesome to watch the ladies interactions at the beginning where they are chatty and friendly but not connected. By the end of Friday, the bonding starts and the shift is palpable. By Saturday night, the ladies and bonded as they experience safety and acceptance no matter what was shared. In the beginning I am the one hugging them and offering words of encouragement and understanding. As the weekend progresses, they do this with each other and I just sit and look on, rather like a mother hen delighting in her chicks. From each group, we have a few who really want to take this to their churches, friends and centers. It is so exciting to see the vision God gave me so long ago

Here are some of the comments the attendees made about the retreat: ACCOMMODATIONS “Created with women in mind. Beautiful, peaceful and safe. All the small things thought out with care. I don’t think anyone lacked for anything!” “Warm, inviting. The staff spoiled us with meals and snacks.” “What a joy to experience a “vip family” house environment with sisters in Christ who all want to be freed from the bondage of shame and learn how to help others. Food, bedrooms, bathrooms, porch, living room spaces, kitchen and dining room are all so inviting and comfy. It couldn’t have been better.” TEACHING “Outstanding! Very nice balance with intensity broken up with the lake experience and crafts.” “Unbelievable! It was so much more than I could have ever expected and I came with no expectations. I learned so much about how to guide someone through this healing material – all the information is just WOW!! I also learned so much more about myself through the teaching.” “It put words to the pain in my heart. Found my voice! Provides tools to continue to heal and keep focusing on the truth.” “Oh my goodness…Dinah taught with such wisdom and compassion. She gave us the time and freedom to ask questions and to share our hearts and feel safe doing so.” OVERALL EXPERIENCE “Such a good experience…the understand, breakthroughs and release would only work in a retreat setting. This was the more-than-perfect setting to do this kind of heart work.” “Wonderful! I found places of shame that I didn’t realize I had and as I recognized and worked through the issue I know I will be able to respond differently to significant people in my life as a result. It was LOVELY going to the lake and the fun activities were great.” WHAT WOULD YOU TELL OTHER WOMEN WHO ARE THINKING OF COMING? “If you want to elevate your ability to help women’s hearts to heal, come to this training retreat. Be prepared to be broken yourself; you can only bring another woman to a place that you’ve experienced yourself. Then don’t stay broken, but let The Healer help you walk in victory.” “It will change your life and thinking for the good. It will give you a voice and tools to heal from the pain of your childhood you are still dealing with that is your present.” “Come! It’s life-changing!!!” “Just come! Don’t try to figure out what the time will be, just be ready to be loved on and learn more about caring for and loving other women and if led, to be ready to lead others in healing and letting go of shame-maybe even yourself”

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